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Mobile Donate

Mobile Donate allows supporters to donate any dollar amount by texting in a keyword, or scanning a QR code, to receive a link to a mobile donation web based page. Funds are deposited directly into an organization’s merchant account and the organization is able to utilize reports to track funds and manage donor relations.

With Mobile Donate, there are no eligibility requirements or donation limitations and it can be implemented with short lead-times.

How it Works

STEP 1: Call-To-Action

Advertise to potential donors that they can donate any dollar amount to your organization by texting in a keyword, or scanning a QR Code, to receive a link to a mobile donation web-based page.

STEP 2: Donor Responds to Call to Action

Your donors will access the donation link by texting a keyword to a short code or scanning a QR Code. Donor will click on the link to open the mobile payment page.

STEP 3: Donor Payment

Donor will enter and submit their credit card information, and any other contact information you wish to collect. A receipt is automatically generated and sent to the donor via text or email. To view a live demo click here on any mobile device or text DONATION to 56512.

Trying multiple demos on our site? Text END to 56512 before beginning next demo.

STEP 4: Include Screencasting (Optional)

Incorporate mobile giving into live events, harness the immediacy of text messaging, and incite your guests to action. With Screencasting, you can easily visualize your donors’ pledges in real-time–so you and your donors can see how close you are to your fundraising goal. Donor messages can also be shared, encouraging further support and even inspiring some friendly competition.

To view a live demo click here

STEP 5: Receive/Track Donations

Give by Cell provides in-depth reporting statistics to track all donations, as well as donor contact information. Funds are deposited directly into your merchant account.

Download Sales Sheets

Need more information about Mobile Donate? Download our sales sheet on Mobile Donate and read more about this great service. Click here to download.

Watch a Video

Try a Demo

Try a Demo

Text DONATION to 56512 on any web enabled mobile device or scan the QR Code to access the Mobile Donate page. You can also Fill out the form below for a live demo or click here on any mobile device.*

Trying multiple demos on our site? Text END to 56512 before beginning next demo.

*For demo purposes only, no charges will be made to your credit card.

Payment screen fields can be customized to collect as little or as much information as an organization would like.


We strive to make mobile giving solutions accessible to any nonprofit organization regardless of size or budgetary needs. Between our different packages and flexible contact lengths, we offer the lowest prices in the industry.

Read more about each plan below, and when you’re ready, click the Sign Up button or call us toll-free at (415) 615-0150.

Mobile Donate




Event (1 Month) $0 Set-Up $1,000 4.9% Transaction fee 12 months $0 Set-Up $1,500 4.9% Transaction fee 24 months $0 Set-Up $2,000 4.9% Transaction fee

Give by Cell does not provide any merchant or Paypal account; we build software code to connect the data entered by the donors. We can connect to these Merchant Account Providers at no extra charge: Cybersource,, Sage, First Data, WePay and Paypal Pro.

Getting Started

STEP 1: Mobile Donate Activation Agreement

Complete the Mobile Donate Activation Agreement and email or fax back to us to get started. Campaigns can be set-up in as little as one week.

STEP 2: Decide on Keyword

A keyword is a unique word that you choose to connect the text donations to your organization or cause. This word can be between 2 to 8 characters. Your potential donors will eventually text this keyword to a unique short code that we provide to you.

STEP 3: Merchant Account Linked to Mobile Donate

Our engineering team will link your Mobile Donate page to your credit card merchant account. If you do not have a merchant account, we can connect with a preferred provider, or you can create one with organizations such as Sage, or CyberSource.

STEP 4: Promote

Advertise the Call to Action to start collecting mobile donations!

Client Examples

Emergency Response






Performing Arts






Marketing Examples

Breeders Cup raises money for the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance with a video featuring Mobile Donate.

Case Study

Palisades Charter High School Uses Mobile Donate at Back to School Night!

Over 800 people gathered in the high school gym for Palisades Charter High School’s Back to School night. Students created signs with the call-to-action and they were scattered throughout the gymnasium for the parents to see.

The principal gave a pitch and discussed briefly the impacts of the cuts, and mentioned things such as not cutting any of the teaching staff despite budget issues. They then played a comical video that addressed the impact of not having enough funds, with the CTA at the end.

Next, they had someone go up on stage and had everyone take their phones out, and did the verbal CTA and walked them through exactly how to donate. Members of the high school football team walked around to help with any questions. Additionally, they handed out forms for people not comfortable with texting to write down their cc details or contact information. They also had empty pretzel tubs passed around for cash and check donations.

Be sure to check out the message from the Principal, and watch their great video with a call to action at

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