Friday 04 Sep 2015

Add-on Features

We offer a growing suite of add-on features to help boost your mobile fundraising campaign and marketing efforts:

Contact Collection

Collect your donors names, email addresses and other contact information via simple text message.
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Facebook Application

Engage with your Facebook fans and their friends by promoting your mobile giving campaign through a Facebook Application. Visitors to your page can give instantly by entering their cell phone number into the app, and the charge will be applied to their mobile phone bill.
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Secondary Keywords

Secondary Keywords allow you to easily allocate donations to separate divisions, departments, causes or campaigns, or individuals raising money for your charity, without the cost of activating multiple accounts. Donors text your unique primary keyword paired with a Secondary Keyword to a designated short code, so you can track where your donated funds should end up.
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Web Widget

Allow potential donors to enter their phone numbers to donate $5 or $10 directly through your website, with the charge applied to their mobile phone bill. You can also collect donors’ names and email information.
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