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Mobile Pledge

Not every charity in the country qualifies for traditional text to give campaigns. And even if they do, there are many situations where the charity would prefer asking for an amount higher than the $5 or $10 fixed donation limits set by the phone carriers.

With Mobile Pledge, donors text in the amount they are pledging to donate. Our text message system captures the amount pledged, time and date, and the donor’s cell phone number. Your organization calls the donors to collect the funds.

How it Works

STEP 1: Donors See or Hear Your Call-to-Action

Mobile Pledge is a great way to incorporate mobile giving into your next live event. Create materials to advertise to potential donors that they can submit a pledge of any dollar amount to your organization by texting a unique keyword and their pledge amount to a specific short code. Everyone at your venue, gala, auction or event becomes a potential donor.

STEP 2: Donor Responds to your Call to Action

Your donors will compose a brand new text message to the specific short code provided, text in the unique keyword, their pledge amount and their name and then hit “Send”.

STEP 3: Include Screencasting (Optional)

Easily visualize your donors’ pledges in real time – so both you and your donors can see how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal. Once they have sent a text, your donor’s name will appear next to their pledge. Who doesn’t love seeing their name in lights?

To view a live demo click here

STEP 4: Call to Collect Pledged Donation

The Mobile Pledge system captures your donor’s pledge and cell phone number. Your organization will contact the donors to process all pledge transactions.

STEP 5: Run Reports to Manage Donor Relations and Track Pledges

Give by Cell provides in-depth reporting statistics to track all pledges, as well as donor contact information. That way, you’ll know when and from where your donor sent a pledge.

Download Sales Sheets

Need more information about Mobile Pledge? Download our sales sheet on Mobile Pledge and read more about this great service. Click here to download.

Try a Demo

Mobile Pledge with Screencasting Demo

Text SCREEN, your PLEDGE AMOUNT and NAME to 56512 to see a live demo.

Trying multiple demos on our site? Text END to 56512 before beginning next demo.

To view the demo fullscreen click here


We strive to make mobile giving solutions accessible to any nonprofit organization regardless of size or budgetary needs. Between our different packages and flexible contact lengths, we offer the lowest prices in the industry.

Read more about each plan below, and when you’re ready, click the Sign Up button or call us toll-free at (415) 615-0150.





Per Event $250 Set-Up Fee $250/event $1/pledge
Per Year $250 Set-Up Fee $1,000/year
(unlimited events)

Getting Started

STEP 1: Mobile Pledge Agreement

Complete the Mobile Pledge Agreement and email or fax back to us to get started. Campaigns can be set-up in as little as one day.

STEP 2: Decide on Keyword

A keyword is a unique word that you choose to connect the text donations to your organization or cause. This word can be between 2 to 8 characters. Your potential donors will eventually text this keyword to a designated short code that we provide to you.

STEP 3: Promote

Advertise the Call to Action at your next live event to start collecting text pledges!

Marketing Examples

Case Studies

Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey

Featured Products: Mobile Pledge; Screencasting
Industry: Youth; Charitable Organization

The Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey (BGCNJ) is a network of 23 local clubs serving more than 77,000 youth each year. For more than 150 years, Boys & Girls Clubs across New Jersey have been at the forefront of youth development, working with youth from disadvantaged economic, social, and family circumstances. The Boys & Girls Clubs’ mission is to enable all children and youth, especially those who need them the most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.

On November 14, the Club held it’s “10th Annual Concert for Kids” at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, with previous “American Idol” contestant, Kellie Pickler. The event aimed to increase awareness of the Club’s mission and raise funds for all of New Jersey’s 23 chapters.

The Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey wanted to promote their mission while giving current and new supporters an easy way to make donations during their event. With the celebrity power of Kellie Pickler, the Clubs wanted to utilize the media attention and allow new and old supporters to easily contribute any dollar amount they desired.

With Give by Cell’s Mobile Pledge program, the clubs’ supporters could pledge the amount they wished to donate via text message. Supporters could text “DREAM,” the dollar amount they pledged to donate, and their name to 56512. A representative from the Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey called supporters to collect the funds. Using Give by Cell’s Screencasting option, they projected the donor’s name, donation amount, and their encouraging message on a giant screen. The interactive thermometer tracked their fundraising progress while the digital clock ticked down the minutes until the end of the event.

On November 14, the organization made several calls-to-action throughout the night, urging attendees to donate and show their support. The organization received 202 text messages, totaling over $9,000 in pledges. Attendees texted encouraging messages and dedications while donating money to the Boys & Girls Club so that all could see their thoughts and pledges appear seconds later on the screen.

Click here to download a PDF of this case study.

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