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Secondary Keywords

Secondary Keywords allow you to easily allocate donations to separate divisions, departments, causes or campaigns, or individuals raising money for your charity, without the cost of activating multiple accounts. Donors text your unique primary keyword paired with a secondary word to a designated short code, so you can track where your donated funds should end up.

How it Works

STEP 1: Donor Sees Your Call to Action

Advertise that a donor should send a text message with the Primary Account Keyword and your unique Secondary Keywords to the designated short code.

STEP 2: Donor Initiates a Text Donation

A donor will compose a new message to the designated short code. Within the message field they will type in two words. The first word will be your primary account keyword and the second will be the unique Secondary Keyword.

STEP 3: Donor Confirms Donation

After pressing send the donor will automatically receive a message back asking them to confirm their donation by replying YES. By replying YES they confirm the donation charge to their account and will receive an automatic thank you message for their donation.

STEP 4: Track Donations by Secondary Keyword

Easily track your donations in real time 24/7 by their Secondary Keyword through our online reports. Choose any or all Secondary Keywords to include within the reports. Our comprehensive Secondary Keyword reporting suite will help you to stay organized and designate where the funds should be allocated.


Secondary Keywords

More about this service

$20/mo per secondary Keyword

Getting Started

STEP 1: Give by Cell Agreement

Complete the Give by Cell Agreement and in the additional features section select Text Alerts. Once completed, email or fax back to us to get started.

STEP 2: Create Secondary Keywords

In your Give by Cell admin page, create multiple Secondary Keywords to better suite your organizations needs. These Secondary Keywords could include raising money for multiple causes, distinguish between departments or local chapters and for fundraising competition.

STEP 3: Promote

Advertise your Secondary Keywords to start collecting donations!

Example:Lehigh University vs Lafayette College Mobile Donation Alumni Challenge

Try a Demo

Raise Money for Multiple Causes

Allow donors to choose the cause they’d like to support: “Text [KEYWORD] SHOES to pay for a pair of shoes to a child in need.” and “Text [KEYWORD] SOUP to provide a hot meal to a local family in need.”

Distinguish Between Departments or Local Chapters

Give each department its own unique Secondary Keyword: “Text [KEYWORD] ATHLETICS to 20222 and/or text [KEYWORD] ARTS to 20222 to donate $10.”
If your organization has several chapters across the country your call-to-action might say: “Text [KEYWORD] followed by [CITY] to make a donation to your local [ORGANIZATION NAME] chapter.”

Fundraising Competitions

Staff and volunteers could promote their campaign to friends and family with a call-to-action: “I’m raising money for [ORGANIZATION]! Text [KEYWORD] followed by [MY NAME] to 20222 to donate $10 and help me reach my goal.” A prize can be given to whoever raises the most by a certain date or reaches the goal first.

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