Wednesday 02 Sep 2015

Facebook Application

Engage with your Facebook fans and their friends by promoting your mobile giving campaign through a Facebook Application. Visitors to your page can give instantly by entering their cell phone number into the app, and the charge will be applied to their mobile phone bill.

How it Works

STEP 1: Add the Facebook Application to your Timeline

Give by Cell will create the Facebook Application for you using your logo and unique messaging that you provide to us. Add the app to your timeline page; you can advertise the app link anywhere — through a status update or note, or even on twitter and your email signature.

STEP 2: Donor Clicks into Application

A donor will click the Facebook application icon or advertised link to enter. Your customized Facebook text donation page will prompt the donor to enter their cell phone number to donate to your cause. You can also include fields to collect additional contact information like name and email.

STEP 3: Donor Confirms Donation

After pressing submit, the donor will automatically receive a message back asking them to confirm their donation by replying YES. By replying YES, they confirm the donation, and the charge will be applied to their next cell phone bill. Donors will receive an automatic text message thanking them for their donation. Your Facebook friends can then “like” the application, add a link to their profile and send it to their friends.

STEP 4: Track Donations

Easily track your donations made through Facebook in real time 24/7 through our online reports.


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Facebook Application

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Case Study

Interested in a Facebook App?

Click here to see a live example of a Facebook app. Fill in the form with your phone number to receive a text to donate. This is a live demo, if you reply YES to the text message your phone bill will be charged.

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