What Do Millennials, Social Media and Causes Have in Common?

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By Brad, VP of Marketing  |  Posted October 31, 2016

The biggest untapped source of donations, present and future, will come from millennials. And the way millennials get involved is through crowdfunding. 

Historically crowdfunding has been focused on the end consumer, but it’s rapidly moving into the NPO space.

To meet this need, Give by Cell just launched its own crowdfunding site, focused exclusively on NPO’s.  We’re calling the service Fund by Cell. You can use our mobile services to gather donations anytime anywhere, and we added a peer to peer component to allow every supporter, teacher or division you can think of to gain their own account.  We can turn on hundreds of sub-accounts, immediately.  It’s free to join, and it can really help energize your fundraising activities.  

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