Give by Cell Partners with Prestigious Academy for All-Inclusive Fundraising Campaign

A prestigious boarding high school turned to Fund by Cell as its crowdfunding platform after learning about the Give by Cell sister company’s suite of mobile crowdfunding services.  

Culver Academy in northern Indiana is the country’s only college preparatory boarding school and summer camp offering an intentional and differentiated leadership program. Students who attend the school, many of whom have become national leaders are provided a complete education, including life-experience learning, global citizenship and character. The school relies heavily on contributions to provide its high standard of education.

“For us, it was an opportunity to combine crowdfunding with mobile giving to do more at less cost than before,” said Thomas Mayo, the academy’s Director of Development.”

Culver now runs 13 active crowdfunding campaigns for causes ranging from campus expansion projects to athletics, art exhibitions, snow removal equipment and music band instruments.

The educational institution switched from another crowdfunding platform that didn’t offer the same high level and variety of mobile giving options, such as donating by text message (SMS), mobile-friendly donation pages and our Screencast fundraising thermometer for giving at events. No crowdfunding company offers the sub-account service that appealed to Culver.

“The ability (of sub-accounts) to empower students, alumni and other individuals to fundraise on the academy’s behalf should expand its reach into a much larger pool of donors,” Mayo said.

“We will be able to use sub-accounts for classes or individual fundraisers to have their own pages,” Mayo said. “Being able to drill down to the individual fundraiser is a real competitive advantage.”

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Turn Your Supporters into Fundraisers


Crowdfunding has become the best way to raise money for anything from your pet’s surgery to a child’s summer music camp. Nonprofits and charities supporting many causes have jumped on the bandwagon because of crowdfunding’s social media component, allowing the organization to reach its social network of supporters.

But many nonprofits are missing out on the opportunity to engage their supporters to the fullest by turning them into active crowdfunding champions. Fund by Cell, a division of Give by Cell, uses the crowdfunding model but is specifically tailored to charities.



We have pioneered a way for your organization to allow anyone to represent your organization to their own social and professional networks, multiplying your reach exponentially. Get your board members, people that have benefited from your good work, volunteers, docents, employees and their families and corporate partners on-board to see the difference. Even better, Fund by Cell offers one of the lowest fees in the crowdfunding space.



It’s easy to get started. First, open a Fund by Cell account. Then give us a call to activate our specialized sub account service, turning it into a parent account for your supporters. Post a message and a special link to the Fund by Cell sign-up page for your account on your home page. Then email the link to everyone in your database, asking them to to join your cause. Once they register with their email address, their account is live. All proceeds raised are funneled to your parent account. Unlike with other leading crowdfunding platforms, your supporters won’t have to report the money raised on their taxes, or hand over their personal financial data. They won’t need to handle the funds raised whatsoever.

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Infographic: Nonprofit Fundraising in 2017

nonprofit fundraising, nonprofit, fundrnaising

Give by Cell has worked with thousands of nonprofit and charitable organizations over the last seven years. We anticipate market needs and are dedicated to providing affordable, effective and engaging mobile fundraising solutions. As the nation’s leading provider of mobile solutions to nonprofit organizations, we’ve monitored engagement and fundraising trends carefully.

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Call To Donate — Text Message-Free Mobile Giving

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For years, Give by Cell has led the country in mobile giving, helping more than 4,000 nonprofits and other organizations fundraise with technology rooted in text-messaging (SMS). Using our SMS-based platform, making a donation is as simple as texting a keyword to a short-code and following a few prompts to enter the amount and a payment method.

But for certain groups of people, including those outside the continental United States, older donors and those without smartphones, texting and mobile access is not convenient or available.

That’s why we developed a new dial-in donation service for Easter Seals Puerto Rico. “Call To Donate” has proven to be wildly successful for the nonprofit, which has raised tens of thousands of dollars, so we’re offering it to everyone.

Easter Seals Puerto Rico provides medical, therapeutic and educational services to children and adults with disabilities. The organization lets clients live, learn, work and play in their communities to their maximum potential. It depends on fundraising to supplant many of its services.

The organization was already using Mobile Give, Give by Cell’s text-based fundraising service and raised several thousand dollars as donors texted to make a flat $10-donation. But not all of the organization’s clients felt comfortable sending text messages, and some didn’t have the means to do so. That’s why Easter Seals asked Give by Cell to develop a call-based service.

Call To Donate allows donors to call a toll-free local phone number, follow recorded touch tone prompts (which Easter Seals staff recorded in Spanish) and make an instantaneous credit card donation. Since March 2016, the organization increased its mobile fundraising by 1,400 percent.

Easter Seals used Call To Donate at an annual telethon, and also published donating instructions as a call to action on its website.

Call To Donate works worldwide and bypasses text messaging entirely. It’s the first service of its kind anywhere and solves the problem of mobile fundraising in areas where it is more challenging to reserve a personal short-code. And it can be personalized in any language, which is beneficial to non-native English speakers.

To learn more about Call To Donate, call us at 415-997-0201 or email us at

Maximize Donations with Mobile

Every nonprofit constantly analyzes how to raise more contributions. If you have not yet investigated using mobile tools you may be leaving money on the table.

It’s easy to fuel your fundraising efforts using mobile. Consider the following: Nine in every 10 Americans own a smartphone. One-quarter of donors complete donations on cell phones and between 2015 and 2016, mobile giving increased more than 200 percent. If a potential donor visits your site, there’s a 51-percent chance he or she is visiting on a smartphone.

In other words, mobile giving is finally working. It allows you to meet your donors where they are, using technology they prefer. Don’t force a potential donor to find her checkbook and mail you a check, or even open her computer, find your donation page and enter donation information. Let donors make the donation on their phones, when they are most inspired.

Here are a few strategies to help you get started:

  1. When donors text to give and are redirected to a website where they complete the donation, make sure that website is mobile-friendly. You know they’re on their phones. If the site doesn’t scale correctly, they won’t find the all-important donation prompts and will leave disappointed.
  2. Make sure the donation site is branded with your logo and colors. People are more likely to see your organization as illegitimate if the donation page is branded with a crowdfunding provider’s logo instead. In fact, custom websites raise funds, on average, more than five times than others without.
  3. Give donors multiple giving options. Allow them to pick an amount, or include suggestions and explain how those amounts will tangibly help your organization. Or, give them the ability to sign up for recurring donations. Recurring donors give about 42 percent more annually than those who give once.
  4. Promote mobile giving at your next live fundraising event with a personal appeal. Whether you are running an auction or asking for donations, nothing is more engaging and immediate than a live ask. Explain why your cause matters. Tell guests to text a keyword to a designated short code. They will be able to make a donation right on the spot. It’s extremely effective because people are more likely to give to your cause within the first few seconds of engagement, when they are most inspired.
  5. At live events, set clear fundraising goals and allow your guests to view incoming donations in real-time via fundraising thermometers. Create a sense of camaraderie or competition to meet your goal, motivating guests to give more than they otherwise might.

Give by Cell offers all of the tools your organization needs to successfully fundraise via mobile, with our industry-leading SMS communication system and web authoring platform. Find out how we can help you with a free 20-minute demo. Call us at 415-615-0150 or email

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Mobile fundraising

Give by Cell offers the widest, most-comprehensive suite of mobile fundraising services for nonprofits and charitable organizations.

From donations by text message and phone call, to pledges, to our poplar Screencast fundraising thermometer and the ability of donors to pay using credit cards or through their phone bill, we cover all your needs.

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N.J. Nonprofit’s Donations Skyrocket After It Integrates Mobile

Lunch Break, mobile giving, live-event fundraiser, fundraising, fundraise

Lunch Break, a nonprofit that provides necessities like food, clothes and fellowship to the needy in Red Bank, N.J., hosts an annual fundraiser concert during the holidays. In years past, while ticket sales and other promotions raised funds to alleviate hunger and lead the community to self-sufficiency, live-event giving was limited to passing a bucket, which would net a few hundred dollars at most.

This year, Lunch Break contracted with Give by Cell, and raised more than $2,500.

“It was quite the difference,” Lunch Break Director of Development Kate McMahon said.

About 1,200 people attended the concert, which featured popular local band Brian Kirk and the Jirks. During a short intermission, Santa Claus came out to make a speech to the crowd.

“Santa came out and told people to take out their cell phones. And everyone did,” McMahon  said. “It was easy to donate and do it right there. They were happy to do it. It’s on-the-spot fundraising.” Following the event, many others who had not brought credit cards to the concert called in to make additional donations.

Lunch Break was extremely happy how quickly Give by Cell was able to activate the organization’s fundraising campaign, that Give by Cell was willing to take a proactive, hands-on roll with the nonprofit, and the ease of use.

“It was astonishing how fast Give by Cell was,” McMahon said. “The people-side of it was amazing. The CEO calls you. [Our campaign] was as important to them as it is to us.”

#GivingTuesday sees massive growth for nonprofits

Giving Tuesday, GivingTuesday, #GivingTuesday

The fifth annual #GivingTuesday saw double-digit growth from 2015 and continued an upward climb since its inception in 2012, according to the Huffington Post. One of the biggest growth sectors in the data indicated that 22 percent of all donations were made from a mobile device; up from 17 percent in 2015 and 13 percent in 2014.

“Mobile giving is now the new normal in the nonprofit sector,” the HuffPost declared. “The combination of mobile-friendly website, email and social campaigns are driving improved conversion rates.”

The data came courtesy of Blackbaud, which monitors and processes donations to U.S. nonprofits. The organization reported online giving increased a total of 20 percent over the previous year. Blackbaud processed more than $47.7 million in online donations from U.S. nonprofits on Nov. 29. That figure is significant but is even larger in comparison with the first #GivingTuesday event, when it processed just $6.6 in online donations.

Since that first year, #GivingTuesday has seen an overall online donation increase of 317 percent. More nonprofits are taking part in the annual event, too. This year, more than 30 percent more organizations joined in than in 2015.

The volume of online donations also increased by 31 percent, and an average online donation was $126. “Online giving continues to outperform traditional off-line donations when major gifts are excluded,” the Huffington Post reported.

With more than a fifth of online donations being made using mobile devices, nonprofits are increasingly turning to SMS-based donation platforms like Give by Cell.

Give by Cell offers several mobile giving solutions that will cover all your needs, from individual campaigns to a permanent donation strategy, such as an automated text-based donation service specifically for 501c3 organizations for smaller amounts that can be made individually or to recur, an open-to-all service that accepts donations of any amount, a solution that accepts pledges, for when you want to reach out to the donors at a later time to collect payment and a call-to-donate platform.

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