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Event Package One-Pager: Give by Cell Event Summary 2016

*Must establish merchant processor with PayPal Pro, WePay, Sage,, First Data and CyberSource. Merchant processors charge a service fee.

2 Creative Mobile Fundraising Strategies

Planning fundraising events for organizations are always a little daunting and can leave the planners sticking to tried and true methods. However, two different organizations went for more innovative techniques for their events giving them great success.

The Veritas Forum and the Tech Museum of Innovation took their major fundraising events to grand heights this year by trying on a new angle.


First Strategy:
The Veritas Forum Uses Competition for Gain


Veritas Forum call to action

For The Veritas Forum, the organizing team went with a competition-type of fundraiser. Using our screencasting services, the team decided to have four different thermometers, each representing a different area of work. Each thermometer was presented in a skit, enticing guests to use their pledges to vote for a particular division of the organization. Though each thermometer had it’s own keyword to text in, the proceeds all went to the same place. Christie Veth, the Development Coordinator, reported back to us, “Our donors really enjoyed texting in their pledges – the Give by Cell platform added great value to our event.”


Second Strategy:
Tech Museum Sets Time Challenge


Tech museum fundraiser event

Photo credit: Jakub Moser and Erin Lubin

The Tech Museum of Innovation, true to its name, went with a different technique. Their annual event, the Tech Awards, is a large gala, with anywhere from 1,200-1,300 people in attendance. Also using our pledge + screen cast combo, the Tech Awards decided to give their audience a time challenge, that is, give their donors a strict time frame in which to send in donations. Displaying the instructions and having past award winners do a pitch, donors had 3 minutes to send in their donations. This year, the Tech Museum pulled in around 200 pledges in just 3 minutes. “We like that it’s easy for consumers to use and impressive to our audiences,” said Jessica Christie, Director of Individual Giving.

Both events went with compelling uses of our technologies to great success, with both hitting their goals and creating a memorable events for their guests.



Mobilize Your Political Campaign with Win by Cell

Win by Cell is a division of Guide by Cell, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California. We aim to bring mobile training solutions to companies, providing mobile websites, native apps, and text messaging to fit your training initiatives. We are at the forefront of mobile training for companies, offering a mobile content delivery platform to organizations and corporations worldwide. Our parent company, Guide by Cell, is a recognized global leader in the mobile technology industry, providing mobile solutions to over 1000 museums and cultural institutions worldwide.

For more information visit or reach us at 415.615.0150.

What No One Is Telling You About Mobile Fundraising

Give by Cell has provided mobile services to more than 3,000 NPOs – we have learned what works and doesn’t work. I want to share the three important ways to succeed regarding the use of mobile services by NPOs.

  1. You need two mobile giving services in your back pocket.
    a. Mobile Give ($5/$10/$25 charged to donor’s cell phone bill) for big events where entering credit card information is not practical and you need to get the entire donation done in 30 seconds.
    b. Mobile Donate when you think the audience can donate more than $25 and has the 2-3 minutes it takes to enter the fields in a mobile credit card form.
  2. For live events, our Fundraising Thermometer service adds an interactive dimension. Every client who has used this has said it has greatly increased the excitement and increased the funds raised since every pledge or donation moves the thermometer in real-time towards the evening’s goal.
  3. Many successful clients use our mobile text messaging or mobile web site service INSTEAD of making a direct donation request to increase engagement with their key audience. The texting services can be used to:
    a. Build your email list. Ask attendees to text in their email address to enter a contest, and join your email mailing list.
    b. Build emotional support first before asking for a donation. Ask attendees to text in to get a link to watch a touching video on their phone. Perhaps the attendee reads a bit and then completes a short quiz about the specific fundraising need. After the video or quiz the person can then click a link to donate on their phone (using our Mobile Donate service). Many charities think just because they offer a mobile way to donate, that people will rush to do so. Often this fails. They first need to make their case, and sharing content using our Mobile Web service is the ideal way to do this. Then ask for the donation!

Mobile services are not going away. For many people, mobile phones are replacing a desktop and using a checkbook. And this is not just a trend Millennials are experiencing – we are all using our phones to do more and more. Did you know that over 50% of web hits are from a mobile device? If you are not embracing mobile, you will be sitting on the sidelines and missing a huge opportunity to engage and rally your supporters.

Check your analytics, tweak, and retry. You will start to see amazing results in building your distribution list, your donor base, and in how much information is being conveyed to your audience through their mobile devices.

New Updates to Mobile Give Service

We are really excited to share with you major breakthroughs with our Mobile Give service that occurred yesterday!

Donors can now make a $25 contribution to their favorite charity, instead of just the $5 and $10 price points that were available in the past.

Additionally, the Mobile Giving Foundation (our partner for the Mobile Give Service) allows donors to sign up for monthly recurring donations of $5 or $10 to their favorite charity.  The Foundation has said donors who sign up for recurring donations typically remain givers for at least nine months, turning a $10 one-time gift into at least a $90 gift.

Both of these changes allow charities to raise substantially more money through Mobile Give directly billed to the donor’s phone bill. It’s a 15 second process to make either a one-time $25 gift or a recurring $10 monthly gift.


Nonprofits Should Bake Mobile Into Technology Stratagy

Although mobile phones have been around for more than a decade now, many charitable organizations have yet to take the mobile leap. Often times, these organizations are just not sure how best to implement a mobile strategy.

“All too often, we meet with nonprofits that know what is possible through mobile technology, but they don’t know what’s necessary to achieve it. This can be daunting as technologists uncover the work and challenges involved in considering the many facets of building in mobile technology.”

It’s important to understand that mobile technology is only complementary to what makes your cause special. Mobile drives engagement, but it does not create it on its own. This means that your organization has to make sure donors are aware of what you’re doing with mobile, and that you’re doing your best to push it forward. This can be done by creating compelling marketing material, or even with add-ons like screencasting during a fundraiser.

“Unfortunately, many nonprofits still haven’t baked mobile thinking into their technology thinking. Reasons include lack of budget, time and technology leadership or expertise, or just not seeing a way forward.”

Being inexperienced with technology does not mean mobile is not right for you. Although charitable organizations often operate with limited resources, mobile solutions and services can be tailored to your organization’s needs while staying completely affordable and easy to use.

“It is clear that mobile technology is the growing communication preference worldwide, whether through simple feature phones, smartphones, or tablets. Not every social good organization needs a mobile app, but it is imperative these organizations explore the potential of mobile technologies. The question isn’t if an organization should be thinking mobile, but how will it go mobile, and which paths it should take to scale or increase its reach.”



Mobile isn’t going anywhere, in fact it’s still rapidly growing. If everyone in your audience has a mobile phone, why not use that to your advantage? By offering a mobile fundraising option, your supporters will be able to make fast and easy donations to your cause, in real time. You will find that this kind of proximity with your donors is quite valuable.

Read more @ Huffington Post (Impact)

7 Critical Mobile Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits

Over the last couple of years, mobile’s traction has not slowed down!
In fact, mobile penetration grows more and more each year in the United States, and on a global scale. Because of its significant presence in the world of today, mobile has become a very useful tool for institutions to reach out and communicate with their audiences. In fact, if nonprofits want to successfully engage current and future generations of donors, it’s crucial that they learn to communicate with them through the right channels. And whoever your audience might be, chances are they have a mobile phone in their pocket right now.


“Mobile fundraising is taking the nonprofit world by storm – primarily because it’s so effective and the user adoption trend toward mobile is increasing dramatically. Mobile fundraising involves reaching out and connecting with current and potential supporters via mobile device, which keeps your audience engaged, provides a quick way for visitors to make charitable gifts, and can dramatically build your donor base.”

A recent study conducted by Millennial Media shows us that today, more than 60% of digital consumption time is spent on mobile for those under 55 years old. The same study reveals that adults 55 and older are also becoming more and more used to smartphones. Because audiences are changing and becoming mobile-first, a nonprofit can gain a lot by implementing a mobile strategy that is simple but effective.

To help nonprofits make sense of what is going on in the mobile fundraising industry these days, Iron Paper has graciously compiled a list of top trends that we found very insightful. First off, the article suggests that nonprofits should make sure their website is mobile-friendly, since it is a platform used by everyone – not just millennials.

To engage millennials, the article suggests the use of visual storytelling. This can be done in many ways, depending on the cause and resources at hand. We at Guide by Cell would recommend using add-on services such as Screencasting at events, along with compelling marketing material that will really speak to your audience. According to Iron Paper, visual storytelling can drive up to 180% more engagement. Another great way to engage donors is to take advantage of fun community giving days like #GivingTuesday.

Community giving days aren’t just a fun community engagement tool, they’re also incredibly effective at driving donations.”

Blackbaud, who is a founding partner of #GivingTuesday, has published reports that look at this trend in depth. For example, they uncovered that online giving has grown year-over-year since 2012, when #GivingTuesday first began. Now, roughly 17% of donation forms are viewed on mobile devices.

Read more @ Iron Paper

* Connected Consumers - Gaining Insights Across Screens, Millenial Media, 2015
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