Winter Deal: $695 for Mobile Donate and an add-on Screencast

For a limited time get our Mobile Donate service for your next event for only $695, and add the Screencast real-time fundraising thermometer for just $200 more.

Contact us today to set up a demo. Offer expires Jan. 31st.

*Must establish merchant processor with PayPal Pro, WePay, Sage,, First Data and CyberSource. Merchant processors charge a service fee.

Winter Deal: Save 75% on a custom Event Mobile Solution Package

For a limited time only, we’re offering our Event Mobile Solution package (including: Mobile Donate*, Fundraising Thermometer, and 500 bonus text messages) for a flat-fee of only $625. That’s a 75% savings!

Contact us today to set up a demo. Offer is good for a one-time event through March 31 and expires Jan. 31st.

*Must establish merchant processor with PayPal Pro, WePay, Sage,, First Data and CyberSource. Merchant processors charge a service fee.

October Sale: 100% Money Back Guarantee on Event Mobile Solutions Package

Don’t miss our LIMITED-TIME event special. Increase your event engagement with our Event Mobile Solutions Package including: Mobile Pledge, Mobile Donate*, Fundraising Thermometer, plus 500 bonus Text Messages for a $750 flat fee.

For more information contact or reach us at 415.615.0150.

Event Package One-Pager: Give by Cell Event Summary 2016

*Must establish merchant processor with PayPal Pro, WePay, Sage,, First Data and CyberSource. Merchant processors charge a service fee.

Mobilize Your Political Campaign with Win by Cell

Win by Cell is a division of Guide by Cell, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California. We aim to bring mobile training solutions to companies, providing mobile websites, native apps, and text messaging to fit your training initiatives. We are at the forefront of mobile training for companies, offering a mobile content delivery platform to organizations and corporations worldwide. Our parent company, Guide by Cell, is a recognized global leader in the mobile technology industry, providing mobile solutions to over 1000 museums and cultural institutions worldwide.

For more information visit or reach us at 415.615.0150.

Spring 2016 Sale

Spring is right around the corner and that means Spring Break, Spring Training and Spring fundraising events. According to many of our clients, May is the ideal time to throw a fundraising event.

Our event package provides all of the tools you need to run your spring events smoothly. With the mobile fundraising tools, your event will be fun, interactive and will get your donors engaged.

Some ways to invigorate your event:

    • send out text messages with location and times for the event beforehand
    • start your fundraising by promoting your unique keyword to get the donations started early
    • build out an event website that looks great on a mobile phone
    • create a selfie gallery so donors can share their event photos.

Interested in reserving your package? Fill out the form below.

New Updates to Mobile Give Service

We are really excited to share with you major breakthroughs with our Mobile Give service that occurred yesterday!

Donors can now make a $25 contribution to their favorite charity, instead of just the $5 and $10 price points that were available in the past.

Additionally, the Mobile Giving Foundation (our partner for the Mobile Give Service) allows donors to sign up for monthly recurring donations of $5 or $10 to their favorite charity.  The Foundation has said donors who sign up for recurring donations typically remain givers for at least nine months, turning a $10 one-time gift into at least a $90 gift.

Both of these changes allow charities to raise substantially more money through Mobile Give directly billed to the donor’s phone bill. It’s a 15 second process to make either a one-time $25 gift or a recurring $10 monthly gift.


Introducing Super Text

Text messages are limited. But thanks to multimedia messaging – MMS – text messages are no longer restrained to just words.

“Train by Cell’s MMS Super Text platform allows for greater engagement with our audience through interactive messages, photos and gifs. What a great way to interact!”

 Tammy Blackburn | Director of Alumni Engagement, SDSU

Employee Tools                                                    Management Tools

115x78_selfie Invigorate Meetings – During onboarding, sales meetings or any event ask employees to text in photos or selfies, creating a fun atmosphere.

IMG_3647 Issues – Allow your employees to report problem areas as they see them by sending a photo message to you using MMS.

tbc store display Store Display – Salespeople can take photos of how your products are being displayed in a retail environment. Great for auditing!

train mms demo Training Example – Ask employees to take photos of best practices and text in using our MMS platform.

train audioAudio Clips – CEO’s, HR Managers and Trainers can send an audio clip via text to inspire and train.

tbc service new productNew Product – Use MMS to text an image of a new product to employees and ask for feedback and/or questions via text.

tbc emergencyEmergencies – Text a photo of someone to be on the watch for, or text an image of a potential risky situation.

mms train gifGIF – Send a moving GIF and ask employees to take a quiz or poll.